Who We Are

About The Owners

Matt & Sunshine Petrus

She’s an entrepreneur at heart.  Born into a poor family, she was determined to have a better future! Fueled with motivation & determination to escape poverty she worked hard and crept forward.  Starting with newspaper sales at the age of 10 advancing to home-made candy & jewelry sales on the school bus she was making her own money. She landed her 1st actual job working in cafe at age 12.  Even as an adult she typically had some type of side hustle.  Spending a few years designing and making clothing and later selling her oil paintings. 

She now has a long, successful background in marketing, business and money management & leadership. When you combine her experience, community contacts and husband of course she was ready to open a tiny home construction company. But that wasn’t enough so she also opened her own marketing agency. So if you need a tiny home or a website, Sunshine can help.

He comes with a long history in construction and knack for perfection. He has a serious sense of detail and loves a challenge. He refuses to be 2nd best in anything he does resulting in the ridiculously well built tiny homes you’ll find in a Lifespark Home.

Extraordinary Experiences

Matt is a perfectionist who had been constructing both residential and commercial buildings his entire life.  He knows what he’s doing and how to do it best!

At Lifespark Homes we work hard to bring you a product, tiny home of tiny home shell that will last a lifetime.

What Makes us Different?

Everything these days is about money.  In business it is usually all about getting the job done cheaper! Tiny home builder Lifespark Homes in Clyde, Texas tries not to think about the cost and stay focused on quality. 

Lifespark Homes is a small locally owned small home & tiny home builder located in Clyde, Texas.  We have integrated our strong integrity, values and work ethic into every finished tiny home we build.  As tiny home builder in Texas, we believe about providing a high quality, well-built tiny home is only a small part of managing a successful business.  We pride ourselves on the level of service and guaranteed satisfaction just as much as building quality tiny homes.

Simplifying your life for tiny living doesn’t have to mean lowering your standards.  With the strategic craftsmanship of tiny home builder Lifespark Homes along with luxury items throughout our tiny homes, your life doesn’t have to be so simple.