How we build

We Offer Custom Builds If You Have Something Specific In Mind


At LifeSpark, we understand how nerve wracking it can be to embark on a new journey, especially when it comes to purchasing a home. That is why we have put together a breif overview of our general building specifications. Whether you need more information before making a final decision or providing provisions for approval from 3rd parties, our build specifications will help answer your questions and make your Tiny Home purchase a walk in the park. 

Our homes come with Batt insulation giving us R-19 in the ceilings and  R-13 in the walls. For cold weather regions we can use closed cell insulation to get R-30 in the ceilings on our gable Shed roof and R-40 in the ceilings ( R-20 2×4 walls, R-30 2×6 walls)


  1. Two 5” x 8” steel I-Beams spaced 92” apart outside to outside runs the length of building connected by 4” steel pipe every 8’.
  2. 2×8 floor joists 12” O.C.
    • Double end plates, single side plates (or rim joists), joist hangers on all floor joists, Tyvek on top of all floor joists, floor decking is ¾” tongue and groove OSB.
  3. 2×4 walls 16” O.C.
    • All headers are 2×6 doubled with ½” OSB in between
    • Window seal plates are double
    • Everything built load bearing
    • All studs have rafter ties top and bottom
    • Wrapped with Tyvek
  4. 2×6 roof system 16” O.C.
    • 6” of overhang
    • 2×8 ridge board
    • Joist hangers at ridge board
    • Hurricane straps at top plate of wall
    • Tyvek on top of roof rafters
    • Topped with ½” OSB for roof decking
    • All plate Splices are alternated
  5. 2 studs with all three 12” blocks make the wall corners
    • 3 studs make a T box where interior walls intersect
    • Fire blocks at 48” high throughout all walls
    • All walls have double top plate
    • Walls are 7’10” high
    • Homes with lofts will have 7’ high interior walls
    • I-beams 8” tall
    • 2×8 floor joists 7.5” tall
    • Walls: 7’ 10”
    • Roof: 3’ 7 ¾”
    • Overall framed height from ground to peak 12’10”
    • Overall finished height from ground to peak 13’
  • Foundation – Two 5”x8” I-Beams runs length of building connected every 8’ or less with 4 ½ inch pipe. Steel plates welded ever 12” with two holes to lag boult through the floor joists.
  • Floor System – 2”x8” 12” OC, doubled joists on each end an all lag bolted to steel plates on I-Beams. Added joist hangers to side plates. Layer of Tyvek applied over floor joists. ¾” OSB tongue & grove subfloor over Tyvek.
  • Wall System – 2×4 16” OC all framed load bearing with 2”x6” headers added rafter ties top and bottom of all studs and corners, layer of Tyvek applied over studs.
  • Roof System – Gable Roof 2”x6” joists 16″ OC 2”x8” Ridge board. Single Pitch Roof 2”x8” 12” OC. Added joist hanger at ridge board. Added joist hanger at ridge board. Added Layer of Tyvek applied over ceiling joists. Roof decking is ½ OSB covered with synthetic roofing felt. All framing meets or exceeds International Residential Code. Roofing Architectural Shingles. Upgraded roof- r panel 26-gauge commercial grade steel.
  • Siding – Structurally engineered smart side LP (50-year warranty).
  • Exterior Trim – All concrete board including facia and soffits.
  • Exterior Door – Full glass with blinds.
  • Windows – TAFCO vinyl casement windows (out swing). TAFCO fixed picture windows.
  • Flooring – Luxury vinal plank water proof & scratch resistant.
  • Interior Wall – Insulation walls BATT R-13. Insulation roof BATT R-19. Upgrade- closed cell spray foam walls R-19 roofs R-30/R-40. Structurally engineered Smart side LP.
  • Interior Ceilings – ¾ tongue and grove pine (beaded or smoothed).
  • Interior Trim – Pine.
  • Interior Door – Pocket doors. Closets can be open, bifold, slider doors.
  • Kitchen – Valley Wood Cabinetry, all real wood with soft close doors and drawers. Counter tops are butcher block with under cabinet lighting. Interior table is butcher block. Sink varies from farm style work station sink to small single bay, most are composet material.
  • Appliances – Vary from full glass top range to 2 burner glass cook top. Full size refrigerator to mini fridge. Includes microwave with vent hood. Tankless hot water heater which is Ecosmart or Rheem.
  • Laundry Center – Vary from stackable unit to all-in-one units.
  • Lighting – Vary from flush mount disk light to wall sconces all LED. Most models come with nice hunter or equivalent mid-grade ceiling fan or fans.
  • Bathroom – Showers vary from 36×36 to 48×60, tub shower, combos are available. All full-sized shower and tub shower combo will have a sliding glass door. Showers are fiber glass units. Toilets are standard mid-grade. Vanities vary from 30” to 60” with synthetic marble tops and soft close doors and drawers. All faucets and shower fixtures are nice midgrade Delta or equivalent.
  • Heat & Air – Wall units. Upgrade mini split.
  • Electrical – Vary from 100 to 200 AMP. Performed by Licensed Master Electrician and inspected meets International Residential Code.
  • Plumbing – Pex with crimp fitting performed by a Licensed Plummer and inspected meets International Residential Code.
  • Extra – All exterior and interior painted products have one coat of primer and two coats of paint (Sherwin Williams Products). All products are standard but vary depending on size of unit and availability.

Lifespark Homes & Construction is a custom builder based in Abilene & Clyde Texas with Nationwide delivery on tiny homes and play housed. If you’re wanting something custom built, Lifespark Homes is one of the best builders in the Abilene Texas area.