How we build

We Offer Custom Builds If You Have Something Specific In Mind


At LifeSpark, we understand how nerve wracking it can be to embark on a new journey, especially when it comes to purchasing a home. That is why we have put together a breif overview of our general building specifications. Whether you need more information before making a final decision or providing provisions for approval from 3rd parties, our build specifications will help answer your questions and make your Tiny Home purchase a walk in the park. 


  1. Two 5” x 8” steel I-Beams spaced 92” apart outside to outside runs the length of building connected by 4” steel pipe every 8’.
  2. 2×8 floor joists 12” O.C.
    • Double end plates, single side plates (or rim joists), joist hangers on all floor joists, Tyvek on top of all floor joists, floor decking is ¾” tongue and groove OSB.
  3. 2×4 walls 16” O.C.
    • All headers are 2×6 doubled with ½” OSB in between
    • Window seal plates are double
    • Everything built load bearing
    • All studs have rafter ties top and botton
    • Wrapped with Tyvek
  4. 2×6 roof system 16” O.C.
    • 6” of overhang
    • 2×8 ridge board
    • Joist hangers at ridge board
    • Hurricane straps at top plate of wall
    • Tyvek on top of roof rafters
    • Topped with ½” OSB for roof decking
    • All plate Splices are alternated
  5. 2 studs with all three 12” blocks make the wall corners
    • 3 studs make a T box where interior walls intersect
    • Fire blocks at 48” high throughout all walls
    • All walls have double top plate
    • Walls are 7’10” high
    • Homes with lofts will have 7’ high interior walls
    • I-beams 8” tall
    • 2×8 floor joists 7.5” tall
    • Walls: 7’ 10”
    • Roof: 3’ 7 ¾”
    • Overall framed height from ground to peak 12’10”
    • Overall finished height from ground to peak 13’

Lifespark Homes & Construction is a custom builder based in Abilene & Clyde Texas with Nationwide delivery on tiny homes and play housed. If you’re wanting something custom built, Lifespark Homes is one of the best builders in the Abilene Texas area.