16'X40' Overland Park Tiny Home

You’ll find all the details about the beautiful, over-built 16X40 Overland Park Tiny Home below. This home is currently priced at $116k – $128k depending on materials/appliances etc. used. Pricing includes all taxes for this 640 sq. ft. 1 Bed 1 Bath build. There is also the option to have a loft, the unlofted version provides plenty of hidden storage space, depending on your needs.


Overland Park is a very well built 640 sq. ft. one bedroom, one bathroom home with a loft fully equipped with stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer.

Foundation of Floor

Two  8” Tall Steel I-beams 40’ long connected by six 4” steel pipes

Floor Joists are 2X8 12” on center connected to steel tabs welded to I-beam

All floor joists are connected to side and end plates with screws and joist hangers

Above the floor joist has a layer of  *low-E wrap, above the low-E is ¾’ tongue & grove OSB Subfloor. Under low E 2” of closed cell spray foam.

Flooring is LifeProof vinyl plank 100% water proof with lifetime warrantee (color is natural pine)


2X4’s – 16” on center. Triple nailed with hurricane straps top and bottom.

Outside has a layer of low-E wrap covered by a mixture of board and batt and horizontal lap siding. (all smart siding products)

Inside walls have ½” thick shiplap wood planks with nickel gap that runs throughout the home with R -13 Insulation with low-E, makes a total of R-17 rating


Ceilings & Roof

2X6 16” on center quad nailed and screwed connected by joist hangers in the center with hurricane straps to outside walls.

Topside has a layer of low-E wrap with 3/4” OSB tongue & grove subfloor for decking.  Above that is steel roof panels.

Underside has R-19 insulation with the low-E layer making for R-23 rating

Ceilings have ½” thick tongue & grove wood planks that run throughout the home.


Floor is 2X4 on 12” center (carpeted)

Topside has a layer of low-E wrap with ¾” tongue & grove OSB subfloor for decking insulated with r-13 insulation along with all interior walls.  we have eight 12X2.5” simi floating read oak boards 32” long for stairs.  Loft has four can lights.  Indirect lighting track across back wall.  Four 1.5X3” windows, two on each side with carpeted flooring.

Front Porch 

4X16 with three 6X6 treated posts wrapped & trimmed with smart siding products. Notched top & bottom, connected with multiple screws bolts and connecting hanger plates.  Front porch portion of home has all treated lumber from the roof down with composite boards for decking.

Inside Living and kitchen

High vaulted ceilings open through the loft.  Front wall has three 3X5 windows with 2 large triangle picture windows at the top.  Front section of living room has a 3C4 picture window on each side.  12,000 BTU heat & air wall unit.  Ceiling fan. Four can lights.  Indirect Track lighting on each side. 

Kitchen has one can light, directional lighting in the ceilings with lights over stove and sink.

3X3 window over sink.  14 ½ feet of lower cabinets, 7.5 feet of upper cabinets, 20.5” of counter space including high-top bar. Has matching black/stainless steel refrigerator & stove with glass stainless hood over stove.


Entry is a solid wood pocket door.

2X2 window,

three can lights,

twin vanity lights,

whisper quiet exhaust fan,

tall elongated toilet with soft-close seat and lid. 

5’ bilevel vanity with marble top with multiple drawers and doors for storage all soft-close.

5’ walk in shower with frameless glass doors


Solid wood pocket entry door

Ceiling fan

Four can lights

Indirect lighting trac on each side

One 3X5 window

One 3X4 picture window

12,000 BTU wall heat & air unit

Walk in Closet

Solid wood pocket entry door

2X2 window

3 can lights

2 clothes rods

Multiple shelves for storage

Stackable laundry center (washer & dryer)

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